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Passwordgen Plugin

The Passwordgen Plugin is for Grav CMS.


This plugin offers a simply way to create passwords on your website. You can use it as a service for your clients to create proper passwords (I do so). This plugin respects the privacy of your visitors and does not save the created passwords. You should provide a secure TLS connection (https) for your visitors. To create passwords, this plugin uses the pwgen tool which is part of the most distributions. If pwgen is not available or allowed to run on server, it falls back to a backup function and creates the passwords by itself.


  • Simple to use in your pages or in your template.
  • Easy to customize with parameters.
  • Optional built in CSS for nice looking passwords.


  • Install the plugin to /your/site/grav/user/plugins/
  • Navigate to the Plugin-Settings in your Admin-Panel and enable Passwordgen.
  • Navigate to your page where the password(s) should appear.
  • Edit the frontmatter of your page and set these options:
  markdown: true
  twig: true
cache_enable: false
  • Edit the page content and set this code at your preferred position: {{ passwordgen(12, true, 5) }}
  • Visit your Page and you will see your first passwords.

Custom CSS styles

By default this plugin creates some CSS rules for displaying the passwords. You can disable this in the plugin settings and create your own CSS styles.


Example: {{ passwordgen(12, true, 5) }}

  • The first parameter sets the length of you password. You can set any integer-number (8-16 is a good choice). The value in this example is 12.
  • The second parameter is a boolean. Set it to true to get passwords with special-characters. Set to false to get only alphanumeric passwords. In this example we want special characters.
  • The third paramater sets the amount of passwords you want to create.


This is the grav-plugin-passwordgen repository. A simple to use password generator for GravCMS.







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