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PC-BASIC release 2.0.7

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@robhagemans robhagemans released this 02 Apr 19:40

For desktop use, use one of the installers here.
For Python use, install with pip install pcbasic.

With this release, the 2.0 branch of PC-BASIC is now in maintenance mode.
New development will take place on a new 2.1 branch, which will drop support for deprecated features and old Python and OS versions.

Please note:

  • The Mac package is only ad-hoc codesigned. If you have problems with the install, please ensure you have convinced your Mac's Gatekeeper to allow installation of such software.
  • When installing with apt on Ubuntu, please ensure you have enabled the "universe" repository where the dependencies of this package reside.
  • The .rpm package has been discontinued, I've not been able to make it work.

Selected improvements

  • Fixes issues #218, #219, #212, #208
  • Fixes an issue with screen updates on Windows (issue #166, mark 2)
  • Fixes various compatibility issues with WINDOWed graphics
  • Fixes issues with redirection of printer output and standard input
  • Enables 12 function keys through KEY 30, 31 in syntax=advanced (BASICA), use syntax=gwbasic to disable
  • Improves test coverage
  • Improves crash reporting

SHA-256 hashes

4c28e92654a405e61152eaba3bd0317534dcbb51ef8d4966f2e3caf844abb261  PC-BASIC-2.0.7.dmg
e295374656965f8d24ca34765bbce4b7762133f4ef94ac9bb58b3396f4b9b46c  PC-BASIC-2.0.7.msi
586fd172fbe08cb1f4a05c980177abba3e983229c538b9e531f958719a4f90e7  pcbasic-2.0.7-py2.py3-none-any.whl
34d0236064ea7a4a2962cacd5e668812cf360b3d8aa18009f94dfb61027355ec  pcbasic-2.0.7.tar.gz
985e9e1193e835936ccbbf847980839975f601ccc60b5755a8c075015067c044  python3-pcbasic_2.0.7_all.deb