My MASc thesis on detecting and predicting the beat in music
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My Master's Thesis

  • Title: Real-time Beat Detection in Digital Music
  • Author: Rob Harper
  • Date: Dec 2003
  • Thesis For: Master of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering at the Univesity of Waterloo


This is the source code for my Master's of Applied Science (ie Engineering) thesis from back in 2003. The idea was to propose a new approach to beat detection and prediction in music. Recurrent timing networks were used to detect and predict periodicities in an onset stream and then were contained within nodes that compete for selection as the best beat hypothesis. Beat prediction nodes perform period self-adjustment to better represent the detected music beat period.

Rather than eventually losing all this in some obscure folder on a dusty old 80 GB HDD I'll share it on github for what it's worth.