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from database_tables import LevelObject, Level
# from webserver_utils import verify_id
import cgi
import cgitb
# import datetime
import simplejson
q = cgi.FieldStorage()
levelName = q.getfirst("levelName", "")
# artist = verify_id()
data = {}
worldData = []
levelName = q.getfirst("levelName", "")
levels = Level.selectBy(name = levelName)
if levels.count() > 0:
objs = LevelObject.selectBy(level = levels[0])
for obj in objs:
worldData.append({"x": obj.x, "y": obj.y, "width": obj.width, "height": obj.height,
"type": obj.type})
data["worldData"] = worldData
data["startX"] = levels[0].startX
data["startY"] = levels[0].startY
data["bgUrl"] = levels[0].bgUrl
data["goalUrl"] = levels[0].goalUrl
data["tilesetUrl"] = levels[0].tilesetUrl
data["musicUrl"] = levels[0].musicUrl
print "Content-type: text/html"
print simplejson.dumps(data)
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