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Demo application showing capacitive communication between a hacked Crayola ColorStudio HD iMarker and an Android tablet. PenPaint application provides a touch based canvas drawing app that decodes colour codes sent from the Crayola Pen.

Full build instructions can be found at


  • Android PenPaint App:
    User defined variables forrelay can be found within the res/values/Strings.xml file.

    <integer name="tap_timeout">1000</integer> - Timeout delay (ms)
    <integer name="binary_true">200</integer> - Binary True delay (ms)
    <integer name="binary_false">100</integer> - Binary False delay (ms)
    <integer name="tap_tollerance">40</integer> - Tap Tollerance delay (ms)

  • Arduino App (Attiny 44):
    Uses Attiny 44 Arduino Library - Install instruction High Low Tech - Attiny

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