Arduino based RFID door lock
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Arduino sketch to provide user access control for DIY RFID locks. Code allows users to be easily added and removed via a serial interface which allows changes to be saved back to EEPROM.
The code can be used with the MIT Media Lab door lock created by Valentin Heun (


  • Install the following Library Dependencies:
    CapSense -
    SoftwareSerial -
    Servo -

  • Restart Arduino IDE

  • Open RFID_DOOR.pde

  • Set the following variables between lines 7-14:
    STATIC_ID_LOAD - Comma seperated RFID IDs for loading known cards
    SERVO_PIN - The logic pin the servo is connected to
    SOFT_RX - The RX pin serial is connected to
    SOFT_TX - The TX pin serial is connected to
    ADMIN_TIMEOUT - The number of milliseconds till admin mode starts

  • Upload sketch and tap the first users card against the reader

  • Users can be managed via the serial monitor (Type h for cmd listing)

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