a SpringMVC web app I created using Neo4J and the Arbor JS graph framework
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This is a project I put together to try and learn a little about Neo4J and the SpringData integration. 

It's a simple Spring MVC web application, that uses SpringData to integrate with the Neo4J graph based data store. 

For the presentation layer I used the awesome Arbor JS graph framework which makes visualising graphs pretty straight forward, even for someone who is not that good at javascript..

check out Arbor here: http://arborjs.org/
check out Spring data here: http://static.springsource.org/spring-data/data-graph/snapshot-site/reference/pdf/spring-data-neo4j-reference.pdf

Finally, you can read completely about the process of building the app on my blog, here: http://automateddeveloper.blogspot.com