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# Site settings
title: Rob Hinds
twitter_username: rob_hinds
name: Rob Hinds
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markdown: kramdown
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- title: Blog
- title: GitHub
- title: StackOverflow
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- Groovy
- Spring MVC
- Spring Boot
- Gradle
- Java
- Tech Architecture
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#Work experience is required
- title: Senior Engineer
start: 2016
end: Ongoing
employer: Emerald Street Ventures
description: Emerald Street Ventures was established as an incubator vehicle for the development of a number of software and legal-tech projects, and a rapidly growing, London-based start-up using innovative technologies to revolutionise and change the software and legal-tech landscape. Working with a range of cutting edge technologies and techniques including Scala, Cassandra, CoreOS, a variety of Machine Learning techniques.
- title: Senior Engineer
start: 2012
end: 2016
employer: Covestor
description: Covestor is an investment marketplace startup that was successfully acquired by Interactive Brokers in 2015. <br/> I am a senior engineer working closely with the CTO, working across the full-stack, I am involved in all aspects of the technology including the website and back-end services.
- title: Associate Manager
start: 2005
end: 2012
employer: Accenture
description: A range of functional and technical roles, primarily working on client sites in Financial Services.
#Education is required
- level: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
date: 2003
subject: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
school: University of Birmingham
#This section is optional (as is the image link below)
- title: Functional Programming Principles in Scala
date: September 16, 2013
- title: Algorithms Design and Analysis, Part 1
date: April 28, 2014
#List of interesting Github repo/projects to include - optional
- robhinds/learning-neural-networks
- robhinds/akka-http-rest-api-sample
- robhinds/twitter-sentiment-analysis
- robhinds/spring-reactor-twitter
- robhinds/microservices
- robhinds/spring-social-geeklist
- robhinds/spring-social-stackoverflow
- robhinds/food2vec
- robhinds/SpringMongoIntegrationExample
- robhinds/SpringNeo4JWebApp
- robhinds/AndroidChuckQuiz
- robhinds/AndroidRssReader
#Stackoverflow flair is optional
#Mobile apps section is optional
- name: Chuck the Quiz
platform: Android
description: A basic early Android app (open sourced)
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additionalinfo: |
<strong>JVM</strong>: I am experienced in a variety of Java API’s and frameworks. I have recently worked with Spring 4, Spring Boot, JPA (Hibernate and EclipseLink) in addition to others. In my current role Groovy is the primary language used - and I am familiar with many of the languages features and quirks (including writing <a target='_blank' href="">Functional Programming style groovy</a>). <br/><br/>
<strong>Web Development</strong>: My server side web development experience has largely been based on the Spring MVC framework (although current role uses ColdFusion for server side web stack). I have also worked with some client side technology, having used jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS and have also experimented with other interesting technologies such as Backbone/Underscore/Require.<br/><br/>
<strong>Development Control</strong>: I have a good knowledge of application life-cycle management and have worked with SVN, Git, Maven, Gradle, Sonar and Jenkins. I have experience with an array of testing tools and technologies.<br/><br/>
I have also gained experience and knowledge of other technologies from several side projects and research that I have undertaken in my free time, including Android, a variety of social APIs (Twitter etc) and cloud platforms such as CloudFoundry/OpenShift/AppFog/Parse. <br/><br/>
As part of Nerdability, I created, and am now primary contributor to, two Spring projects - <a target='_blank' href="">Spring-Social-Geeklist</a> and <a target='_blank' href="">Spring-Social-Khan-Academy</a>, which provide core integration with those third-party APIs on top of the Spring Social framework. They are both listed as community projects: <a target='_blank' href=""></a>. <br/><br/>
I write a blog covering technical and opinion articles that can be found here: <a target='_blank' href=""></a> (I am also a <a target='_blank' href="">DZone MVB</a>)