A template Spring 3.1 webapp - (almost)Completely free if XML - just left security config
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This is a basic web application that I have created as a template using Spring 3.1 and moving over to a pure java @Configuration approach. The only remaining XML files are security.xml (Spring doesn't yet support pure java configuration for this stuff) and web.xml.

The web side of the application is based on the bootstrap flavoured download from: http://www.initializr.com/ 

It also includes:
- Basic root persistable object that can be used for common usage across hiberate domain objects that includes created/modified timestamp/user as well as pre-persist hooks to inject this info
- Account/Security hibernate objects to persist users
- Custom security implementation to use custom account object for authentication
- Simple single controller example

Will prob use this app as the starting point for future apps, because, well, i'm lazy.