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let test host port =
let test_str1 = String.make 512 'a' in
let test_str2 = String.make 512 'b' in
let test_str3 = String.make 512 'c' in
let test_str4 = String.make 512 'd' in
let test_str5 = String.make 512 'e' in
let test_str6 = String.make 512 'f' in
let test_str7 = String.make 512 'g' in
let test_str8 = String.make 512 'h' in
Printf.printf "Connecting...\n";
lwt (sock,sz,flags) = Nbd_lwt.connect host port in
Printf.printf "Connected: size=%Ld\n" sz;
let t1 = Nbd_lwt.write sock test_str1 0L in
let t2 = Nbd_lwt.write sock test_str2 512L in
let t3 = Nbd_lwt.write sock test_str3 1024L in
let t4 = Nbd_lwt.write sock test_str4 1536L in
let t5 = Nbd_lwt.write sock test_str5 2048L in
let t6 = Nbd_lwt.write sock test_str6 2560L in
let t7 = Nbd_lwt.write sock test_str7 3072L in
let t8 = Nbd_lwt.write sock test_str8 3584L in
lwt () = Lwt.join [t1; t2; t3; t4; t5; t6; t7; t8] in
Printf.printf "Written\n";
lwt str2 = sock 0L 4096l in
Printf.printf "%s\n" str2;
Lwt.return ()
with e ->
Printf.printf "Caught exception: %s" (Printexc.to_string e);
Lwt.return ()
let _ = (test Sys.argv.(1) (int_of_string Sys.argv.(2)))
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