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let _ =
let die_at = int_of_string Sys.argv.(1) in
let sock = Fecomms.open_unix_domain_sock_client "/var/xapi/forker/main" in
let uuid = Uuid.to_string (Uuid.make_uuid ()) in
Printf.fprintf stderr "About to write raw rpc\n%!";
Fecomms.write_raw_rpc sock (Fe.Setup {Fe.cmdargs=["/bin/fecho";"hello";"test"]; id_to_fd_map = [(uuid,Some (Unixext.int_of_file_descr Unix.stdout))]; env=[]});
if die_at=1 then exit(1);
Printf.fprintf stderr "Done write raw rpc\n%!";
let response = Fecomms.read_raw_rpc sock in
if die_at=2 then exit(1);
Printf.fprintf stderr "Got response\n%!";
match response with
| Fe.Setup_response s ->
Printf.fprintf stderr "Got response: fd_sock_path=%s\n%!" s.Fe.fd_sock_path;
let (rd,wr) = Unix.pipe () in
let fd_sock = Fecomms.open_unix_domain_sock_client s.Fe.fd_sock_path in
if die_at=3 then exit(1);
Fecomms.send_named_fd fd_sock uuid wr;
with e ->
Printf.fprintf stderr "Failed to send named fd: %s%!" (Printexc.to_string e));
if die_at=4 then exit(1);
Unix.close wr;
Unix.close fd_sock;
Fecomms.write_raw_rpc sock Fe.Exec;
if die_at=5 then exit(1);
(match Fecomms.read_raw_rpc sock with
| Fe.Execed pid ->
Printf.fprintf stderr "Got pid: %d\n%!" pid);
if die_at=6 then exit(1);
let buffer = Buffer.create 1000 in
let str = String.make 1000 '\000' in
let rec consume () =
let len = rd str 0 (String.length str) in
if len=0
then ()
Buffer.add_substring buffer str 0 len;
consume ()
consume ();
Printf.fprintf stderr "Received: %s\n%!" (Buffer.contents buffer);
match Fecomms.read_raw_rpc sock with
| Fe.Finished res ->
Printf.fprintf stderr "Got finished\n%!";