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* Copyright (C) 2011 Citrix Systems Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
* by the Free Software Foundation; version 2.1 only. with the special
* exception on linking described in file LICENSE.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
module D = Debug.Debugger(struct let name = "xenops" end)
open D
open Xenstore
open Xenops_task
let fs_backend_path = "/usr/sbin/fs-backend"
let memory_mib = 32L
let memory_kib = Int64.mul 1024L memory_mib
let create ~xc ~xs domid =
let stubdom_name = Printf.sprintf "stubdom:%d" domid in
let stubdom_uuid = Uuid.make_uuid() in
debug "jjd27: creating stubdom with name '%s' and uuid '%s'" stubdom_name (Uuid.to_string stubdom_uuid);
let info = {
Domain.ssidref = 0l;
Domain.hvm = false;
Domain.hap = false; = stubdom_name;
Domain.platformdata = [];
Domain.xsdata = [];
Domain.bios_strings = [];
} in
let stubdom_domid = Domain.make ~xc ~xs info stubdom_uuid in
debug "jjd27: created stubdom with domid %d" stubdom_domid;
Domain.set_machine_address_size ~xc stubdom_domid (Some 32);
let build (task: Xenops_task.t) ~xc ~xs ~store_domid ~console_domid info xenguest domid stubdom_domid =
(* Now build it as a PV domain *)
let (_: Domain.domarch) = task ~xc ~xs ~store_domid ~console_domid {
Domain.priv=Domain.BuildPV {Domain.cmdline=""; Domain.ramdisk=None};
} "" xenguest stubdom_domid in
(* Point the stub domain at the guest *)
debug "jjd27: pointing stubdom %d to guest %d" stubdom_domid domid;
Xenctrlext.domain_set_target xc stubdom_domid domid;
(* Tell XenStore that the stubdom should have implicit privileges over the target domain *)
debug "jjd27: telling XenStore that stubdom %d has target %d" stubdom_domid domid;
Xenctrlext.Xsrawext.set_target stubdom_domid domid xs.Xs.con;
(* Write the guest's domid into XenStore *)
let path = xs.Xs.getdomainpath stubdom_domid in
xs.Xs.write (Printf.sprintf "%s/target" path) (string_of_int domid);
debug "jjd27: writing guest domid %d into xenstore at %s/target" domid path;
let vm = (Printf.sprintf "/local/domain/%d/vm" domid) in
debug "jjd27: target vm's path is %s\n" vm;
(* Write the qemu-dm command-line arguments into XenStore *)
let guest_uuid_str = Uuid.to_string (Domain.get_uuid xc domid) in
let path = Printf.sprintf "/vm/%s/image/dmargs" guest_uuid_str in
(* Remove any 'pty' references from the arguments: XXX why? *)
let info' = { info with Device.Dm.serial = None; monitor = None } in
let args = Device.Dm.cmdline_of_info info' false domid in
xs.Xs.write path (String.concat " " args);
debug "jjd27: written qemu-dm args into xenstore at %s: [%s]" path (String.concat " " args);
(* Make that XenStore path readable by the stub domain *)
xs.Xs.setperms path (0, Xsraw.PERM_NONE, [ (domid, Xsraw.PERM_READ); (stubdom_domid, Xsraw.PERM_READ) ]);
debug "jjd27: set the permissions on %s" path;
let syslog_stdout = Forkhelpers.Syslog_WithKey (Printf.sprintf "fs-backend-%d" domid) in
let pid = Forkhelpers.safe_close_and_exec None None None [] ~syslog_stdout fs_backend_path [] in
Forkhelpers.dontwaitpid pid;
(* Set the FS backend in XenStore for the stubdom to have access to the domain filesystem *)
Device.Vfs.add ~xc ~xs stubdom_domid;
(* VFB is needed so we can see the framebuffer via the stubdom *)
Device.Vfb.add ~xc ~xs stubdom_domid;
(* VKBD is needed for keyboard input via the stubdom *)
Device.Vkbd.add ~xc ~xs stubdom_domid;
(* XXX:
(* Add a place for qemu to record the dm state in XenStore, with appropriate permissions *)
List.iter (fun domid -> Device.Dm.init ~xs ~domid) [stubdom_domid; domid];
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