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Revert the rebalance-interval changes to networkd of e9219fa

The policies for which values are set in the network layer should be in xapi. Networkd should
just do do what xapi says.

After this change, the default rebalance-intervals are unchanged: for balance-slb bonds is 30min,
while for LACP bonds, the value is unset and the default from the ovs is used (10s). However, the
change makes it possible for the user to override the rebalance-interval using the other-config key,
even in the LACP case (for whatever reason).

Signed-off-by: Rob Hoes <>
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1 parent e9219fa commit 07fe89df10764ae9cdf2a276bbc728c6ecbeb9b1 @robhoes committed Sep 20, 2012
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  1. +3 −3 ocaml/network/
@@ -717,9 +717,9 @@ module Ovs = struct
- let extra_args = List.flatten ( get_prop (["updelay", "bond_updelay"; "downdelay", "bond_downdelay";
- "miimon", "other-config:bond-miimon-interval"; "use_carrier", "other-config:bond-detect-mode";]
- @ (if (List.mem_assoc "mode" properties) && (List.assoc "mode" properties = "lacp") then [] else ["rebalance-interval", "other-config:bond-rebalance-interval"]))) in
+ let extra_args = List.flatten ( get_prop ["updelay", "bond_updelay"; "downdelay", "bond_downdelay";
+ "miimon", "other-config:bond-miimon-interval"; "use_carrier", "other-config:bond-detect-mode";
+ "rebalance-interval", "other-config:bond-rebalance-interval"]) in
let other_args = List.filter_map (fun (k, v) ->
if List.mem k known_props then None
else Some (Printf.sprintf "other-config:\"%s\"=\"%s\"" (String.escaped ("bond-" ^ k)) (String.escaped v))

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