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Custom Gree climate component written in Python3 for Home Assistant. Controls AC's supporting the Gree protocol.
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Custom Gree climate component written in Python3 for Home Assistant. Controls AC's supporting the Gree protocol.

Tested on:

  • Innova HVAC, Cooper & Hunter HVAC
  • Home-Assistant
    • 0.96.x (for older versions, please see the releases tab)

If you are experiencing issues please be sure to provide details about your device, Home Assistant version and what exactly went wrong.

If your HVAC has already been configured to be controled remotely by an android app, the encryption key might have changed.

Sources used:


This component is added to HACS default repository list.

Custom Component Installation

!!! PLEASE NOTE !!!: Skip step 1 if you are using HACS.

  1. Copy the custom_components folder to your own hassio /config folder.

  2. In the root of your /config folder, create a file called climate.yaml

    - platform: gree
      name: First AC
      host: <ip of your first AC>
      port: 7000
      mac: '<mac address of your first AC>'
      target_temp_step: 1
      encryption_key: <OPTIONAL: custom encryption key if wifi already configured>
      uid: <some kind of device identifier. NOTE: for some devices this is optional>
      temp_sensor: <entity id of the EXTERNAL temperature sensor. For example: sensor.bedroom_temperature. NOTE: this attaches an external temperature sensor to your AC. Gree unfortunately doesnt support a "current temperature" on its own.>
      lights: <OPTIONAL: input_boolean to switch AC lights mode on/off. For example: input_boolean.first_ac_lights>
      xfan: <OPTIONAL: input_boolean to switch AC xfan mode on/off. For example: input_boolean.first_ac_xfan>
      health: <OPTIONAL: input_boolean used to switch the Health option on/off of your first AC. For example: input_boolean.first_ac_health>
      sleep: <OPTIONAL: input_boolean to switch AC sleep mode on/off. For example: input_boolean.first_ac_sleep>
      powersave: <OPTIONAL: input_boolean to switch AC powersave mode on/off. For example: input_boolean.first_ac_powersave>
      eightdegheat: <OPTIONAL: input_boolean used to switch 8 degree heating on/off on your first AC>
    - platform: gree
      name: Second AC
      host: <ip of your second AC>
      port: 7000
      mac: '<mac address of your second AC>'
      target_temp_step: 1
  3. In your configuration.yaml add the following:

    climate: !include climate.yaml
  4. OPTIONAL: Add info logging to this component (to see if/how it works)

      default: error
        custom_components.gree: debug
        custom_components.gree.climate: debug
  5. OPTIONAL: Provide encryption key if HVAC's wifi is already configured.

    One way is to pull the sqlite db from android device like described here:

    adb backup -f ~/backup.ab -noapk com.gree.ewpesmart
    dd if=data.ab bs=1 skip=24 | python -c "import zlib,sys;sys.stdout.write(zlib.decompress(" | tar -xvf -
    sqlite3 data.ab 'select privateKey from db_device_20170503;' # but table name can differ a little bit.

    Write it down in climate.yaml encryption_key: <key>. This solves Issue#1.

  6. OPTIONAL: Provide the uid parameter (can be sniffed) NOTE: This is not needed for all devices

  7. OPTIONAL: Provice input_boolean's to set lights, xfan, sleep and powersave mode on/off.

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