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Rob Holmes - Android Kotlin Developer

platform: android   language: kotlin   language: java   design guidelines: material

Android Developer with 10+ years experience.

Passionate software engineer with expert skills, excited by Kotlin and building concise, maintainable, decoupled and testable code.

Employment Status

Employed, open to new opportunities.

Build Status

Bitrise CI is used to run the unit test suite and linting tools.

bitrise build


Built to demonstrate my Android development skills, love for Kotlin, and passion for creating clean, decoupled, tested code. The app is my Resume with open-source examples of my expertise of Android development.

Take a look around, even clone the repo, run the app, and run the tests. Please don't hesitate to ask me questions too.

Note: this is a work-in-progress app, with planned features still missing, but it does contain major architectural examples already.


Writing unit tests is something I always do as part of my development process. I strive to create simple concise classes with a single responsibility, which allows simple unit testing. Creating easy to understand and maintainable code.

To run the unit tests, clone the repo and either run the tests from within Android Studio, or run the following Gradle command from within the project directory:

./gradlew test


Resume app for Rob Holmes, a Kotlin focused Android Developer




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