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News for django-debug-toolbar
0.8.5 (2011 Apr 25)
* Ensure if we're overriding the urlconf that we're resetting handler404/500.
* Updated middleware logic to avoid work if content-type isn't right.
* Change .load() calls to GET to avoid CSRF protection.
* Updated SQL panel to match Django's which now includes logging.
* Added basic multi-db support.
* Some HTML validation fixes.
* Added support for `executemany`. Thanks to postal2600.
* Added support for LogBook. Thanks to Vincent Driessen.
* Added clean_params method to DatabaseStatTracker to scrub non-unicode
data for displaying on the sql panel. Thanks to Matthew J Morrison
0.8.4 (2010 Nov 8)
* Added print style to hide the toolbar (issue 90)
* Fixed "Badly formatted SQL query plan" (issue 86)
* Fixed "SQL not selectable due to line chart" (issue 85)
* Fixed "Redirect page does not set cookie" (issue 6)
* Fixed template block inheritance bug (issues 77 and 97).
* Fixed flash of unstyled toolbar.
* Updated to work with old TEMPLATE_LOADERS settings from < 1.2.
* Updated to stop template loader iteration when template is found.
(Note: NEWS was started after the 0.8.3 release and is not complete)