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A Python database dump tool with chainable post processors, all specified in a configuration file.
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Dumpy is a Python database backup script that uses configuration files to specify databases to backup and options. Backup scripts are classes which define a backup method.

Example configuration file

The following is an idea of what the configuration file, located at ~/.dumpy.conf might look like. This is very likely to change:

mysql = db1, db2
postgresql = db3

[mysql db1]
user = db1
pass = db1
s3_copy = true

[mysql db2]
user = db2
pass = db2

[postgresql db3]
user = db3
pass = db3

[mysqldump options]
path = /opt/local/lib/mysql5/bin/mysqldump
flags = -Q --opt --compact
bzip = true

[pgdump options]
path = /opt/local/lib/postgresql83/bin/pg_dump

key = key
secret = secret
bucket = bucket


Very alpha. Looking for other coders to help and flesh out ideas.


I've written my last database dump and backup script that I want to. My hope is that this will be a general and feature rich backup script that's easily extendable and will work across multiple databases and backup schemes.

Future plans

  • Support some file based backups with auto rotation.
  • Finish S3 Backup and flesh out S3 options.
  • Lots more to think of.
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