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Updated django template snipmate file name to match that of Vim's.

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robhudson committed Apr 2, 2010
1 parent fd79883 commit 8a0805c2e333d0854fd6a3fa775c5b6aa1d643b1
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@@ -13,12 +13,12 @@ Activate the snippets by using the filetype setting. For example:
For Django templates:
:set ft=html.django_template
:set ft=htmldjango.html
To set these automatically each time you run vim, add the following lines to
your .vimrc:
autocmd FileType python set ft=python.django " For SnipMate
autocmd FileType html set ft=html.django_template " For SnipMate
autocmd FileType html set ft=htmldjango.html " For SnipMate

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