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You need to have git installed. On Windows use msysgit. For installation instructions see

Before running the install script you also have to install ruby.


On Windows

  1. git clone [add repo url] ~/.vim
  2. cd ~/.vim
  3. rake
  4. rake --silent curl_for_win > <path to msysgit>\cmd\curl.cmd
  5. rake spell_files for installing german spell files to ~/.vim/bundle/spellfiles
  6. Launch vim, run :BundleInstall.


Create ~/.vimrc.local and ~/.gvimrc.local for any local customizations.

For example, to override the default color schemes:

echo color desert  > ~/.vimrc.local
echo color molokai > ~/.gvimrc.local

Updating to the latest version

To update to the latest version of vundle, just run rake again inside your ~/.vim directory.

To update to the latest version of this distribution, just run rake upgrade inside your ~/.vim directory.

To update the installed plugins, run :BundleInstall! inside vim.

Intro to VIM

Here's some tips if you've never used VIM before:



  • VIM has two modes:
    • insert mode- stuff you type is added to the buffer
    • normal mode- keys you hit are interpretted as commands
  • To enter insert mode, hit i
  • To exit insert mode, hit <ESC>

Useful commands

  • Use :q to exit vim
  • Certain commands are prefixed with a <Leader> key, which maps to \ by default. Use let mapleader = "," to change this.
  • Keyboard cheat sheet.


Base Customizations

  • Line numbers
  • Show tailing whitespace as .
  • Make searching highlighted, incremental, and case insensitive unless a capital letter is used
  • Always show a status line
  • Allow backspacing over everything (identations, eol, and start characters) in insert mode
  • Automatic insertion of closing quotes, parenthesis, and braces


NERDTree is a file explorer plugin that provides "project drawer" functionality to your vim projects. You can learn more about it with :help NERDTree.


  • Use <F2> to toggle NERDTree


Align lets you align statements on their equal signs, make comment boxes, align comments, align declarations, etc.

  • :5,10Align => to align lines 5-10 on =>'s


Indent object creates a "text object" that is relative to the current ident. Text objects work inside of visual mode, and with c (change), d (delete) and y (yank). For instance, try going into a method in normal mode, and type v ii. Then repeat ii.


Surround allows you to modify "surroundings" around the current text. For instance, if the cursor was inside "foo bar", you could type cs"' to convert the text to 'foo bar'.

There's a lot more; check it out at :help surround


NERDCommenter allows you to wrangle your code comments, regardless of filetype. View help :NERDCommenter for all the details.


In insert mode, start typing something and hit <TAB> to tab-complete based on the current context.