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added postgresql to list of supported databases

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1 parent 5260f2c commit 852606228c1fc0993a38dadae698442aed3f9163 @grob grob committed Aug 22, 2010
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@@ -9,9 +9,10 @@ Ringo SQLstore is a lightweight ORM/storage implementation for [RingoJS]. It use
* Simple one-to-one and one-to-many mappings (see below)
* Connection pooling
-Currently supported databases are H2, MySQL (5.x) and Oracle (XE).
+Currently supported databases are H2, MySQL (5.x), Oracle (XE) and PostgreSQL (8.x).
SQLstore is heavily inspired by
* [ringo-hibernate] by Robert Thurnher
* [Helma] (the predecessor of RingoJS)
* [Hibernate] Project

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