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Bees vs Wasps
Hive Wars.jar


Hive Wars Logo

Hacklahoma 2019 Team Members:

Drew Harris [@oudrew]

Jacob Courtney [@]

Jacob Robinett [@robibuilder]

Max Brooks [@maxrbooks99]

General Description:

Hi! Our project is titled HiveWars! This is a 2 player virtual card game written in Java in which the object is eliminate the other players health. Each player can choose to be either a wasp or a bee. Bees naturally, since they die when they sting, lose each bee card when they use it. They are also much more powerful and have more healing abilities than wasps. Wasps on the other hand may reuse their cards as many times as they, and their power grows with each passing turn. Essentially, bees want the game to be over as quickly as possible, and wasps want to drag the game on. There are also neutral cards that may be used by either side, and they do not disappear after use. These can have drastic, game chaning effects such as massive damage or healing to one or both sides. Save the Bees!

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