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@@ -60,17 +60,17 @@ using a command line tool:
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-### Class Documentation
+## Class Documentation
If you want to bind ListViews or TableViews to objects, you need to set a
couple of different runtime parameters, as these bindings are currently not
realized using the IB bindings tab. Here's a documentation of specific
attributes for these objects:
-## NSCollectionView / SC.ListView:
+### NSCollectionView / SC.ListView:
- exampleView: Can either be set as a runtime parameter, or subclassing an
NSCollectionViewItem to the SproutCore item name.
-## NSTableView / SC.TableView:
+### NSTableView / SC.TableView:
- Support for NSTableView is preliminary. Many of the IB Flags aren't supported
- exampleView: Mandatory. Set it as a runtime parameter. You have to set this, even if you

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