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AD auditing tools written in Powershell
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PSADAudits is for looking at and keeping track of AD

  • psadaudits is v0.5.0 7/3/12
  • psadaudits is v0.4.0 6/26/12
  • psadaudits is v0.3.0 6/20/12
  • psadaudits is v0.2.0 6/20/12
  • psadaudits is v0.0.1 6/19/12



  • Error handling in write_adusers Complete 6/20/12
  • Change detection Complete 6/20/12
  • Performance Experiments with transactions showed no benefit but added complexity. I'm looking for suggestions to speed this up. It's painfully slow right now.
  • Offer to create required directories for user
  • Create option to search live AD for disabled and locked accounts
  • Improve installation help. Particularly unblocking the sqlite modules


Version 0.5.1 7/3/12

  • Added the Enabled property to Stale passords output.

Version 0.5.0 7/3/12

  • Added search for stale passwords in "Search for problems". Output automatically saved to a file in $dbdir.

Version 0.4.1 6/27/12

  • Put assess 5 group options into loops to make using the tool suck less.

Version 0.4.0 6/26/12

  • Added ability to make a db of groups. For now you need to keep track of which is which on your own.
  • Added ability to mark groups as privileged, unpriviliged or skip.
  • Added ability to show privileged or unprivileged groups.
  • Added ability to mark a group based on SamAccountName.
  • Reorganzied the modules to make functions easier to find.
  • Small changes and fixes too numerous to list.

Version 0.3.2 6/25/12

  • bugfix. column_list and insert-query were being created and looked for in different / wrong places.

Version 0.3.1 6/21/12

  • Checks for sqlite module

Version 0.3.0 6/20/12

  • Checking executionpolicy and giving advice
  • All wrapped up in a pretty one-file wrapper

Version 0.2.1 6/20/12

  • Checking for $dbdir
  • De-personalized. It might even run on someone else's machine now! ;)

Version 0.2.0 6/20/12

  • Added Change detection
  • Added error handling / alerting to write_adusers
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