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Robin Changelog

All notable changes to the Robin project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[] - 2019-12-16

Added Modules

  • AWS, connect to Amazon Web Services and automate a variety of tasks.
  • ActiveDirectory, connect to an Active Directory server and perform operations.
  • Azure, connect to Azure Cloud and automate the management of resources like virtual machines, disks, snapshots and resource groups.

Added Actions

  • ActiveDirectory.ConnectToServer
  • ActiveDirectory.ConnectToServerWithAuthentication
  • ActiveDirectory.CloseConnection
  • ActiveDirectory.Group
  • ActiveDirectory.Group.GetGroupInfo
  • ActiveDirectory.Group.GetGroupMembers
  • ActiveDirectory.Group.RenameGroup
  • ActiveDirectory.Group.DeleteGroup
  • ActiveDirectory.Group.AddUserToGroup
  • ActiveDirectory.Group.RemoveUserFromGroup
  • ActiveDirectory.Object.CreateObject
  • ActiveDirectory.Object.DeleteObject
  • ActiveDirectory.Object.MoveObject
  • ActiveDirectory.Object.RenameObject
  • ActiveDirectory.User.CreateUser
  • ActiveDirectory.User.GetUserInfo
  • ActiveDirectory.User.EnableUser
  • ActiveDirectory.User.DisableUser
  • ActiveDirectory.User.RenameUser
  • ActiveDirectory.User.DeleteUser
  • ActiveDirectory.User.ResetUserPassword
  • ActiveDirectory.User.UnlockUser
  • ActiveDirectory.User.UpdateUserInfo
  • AWS.EC2.CreateEc2SessionWithAccessKeys
  • AWS.EC2.CreateEc2SessionWithProfile
  • AWS.EC2.EndEC2Session
  • AWS.EC2.Volumes.CreateVolume
  • AWS.EC2.Volumes.CreateVolumeFromSnapshot
  • AWS.EC2.Volumes.AttachVolume
  • AWS.EC2.Volumes.DetachVolume
  • AWS.EC2.Volumes.DescribeVolumes
  • AWS.EC2.Volumes.DeleteVolume
  • AWS.EC2.Instances.StartEC2Instance
  • AWS.EC2.Instances.StopEC2Instance
  • AWS.EC2.Instances.RebootEC2Instance
  • AWS.EC2.Instances.GetAvailableEC2Instances
  • AWS.EC2.Instances.DescribeEC2Instance
  • AWS.EC2.Snapshots.CreateSnapshot
  • AWS.EC2.Snapshots.DescribeSnapshots
  • AWS.EC2.Snapshots.DeleteSnapshot
  • Azure.CreateSessionViaServicePrincipal
  • Azure.CreateSessionViaFile
  • Azure.CreateSessionViaUser
  • Azure.GetSubscriptions
  • Azure.EndSession
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.GetVirtualMachines
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.DescribeVirtualMachine
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.StartVirtualMachine
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.StopVirtualMachine
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.ShutDownVirtualMachine
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.RestartVirtualMachine
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Disks.GetDisks
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Disks.AttachManagedDisk
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Disks.AttachUnManagedDisk
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Disks.DetachDisk
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Disks.CreateManagedDisk
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Disks.CreateManagedDiskFromSnapshot
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Disks.CreateManagedDiskFromStorageBlob
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Disks.DeleteDisk
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Snapshots.GetSnapshots
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Snapshots.CreateSnapshot
  • Azure.VirtualMachines.Snapshots.DeleteSnapshot
  • Azure.ResourceGroups.GetResourceGroups
  • Azure.ResourceGroups.CreateResourceGroup
  • Azure.ResourceGroups.DeleteResourceGroup


  • Introduced categories and subcategories for Action grouping in Modules. for example, in UIAutomation module, DataExtraction, FormFilling and Windows categories were added.
  • Renaming of arguments/enums/values to align with the segregation to the new categories/subcategories.
  • Added extra exceptions to some actions for improved exception handling.
  • Display.ShowMessageWithTimeout default Timeout value is set to 3 seconds instead of 30.
  • Implemented window style for MessageDialog so that it can be customized externally.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed assignment by index in nested lists.
  • CurrentDateTime.DayOfWeek can now be used in loops.
  • Resolved random robot crashes that occurred when commenting out a Console.Write command.
  • Resolved random failures of some actions included in the CyberArk module.
  • Fixed UISpy attribute updating. Previously some attributes were updated but were not visible in the UISpy editor.
  • Variables.ListOfRandomNumbers now generates appropriate values (numeric type).
  • Fixed Cognitive.Google.Vision.FaceDetectionFromFile execution. Previously the action didn't execute at random intervals but the script didn't exit with an error code.
  • Fixed looping issues that resulted in script termination.

Known Bugs

  • Robin scripts won't execute on Windows Server 2016.
  • Robin CLI stops working in Windows 32bit.
  • Exchange.RetrieveEmails is not working for Drafts Folder.
  • File.WriteCSV and File.WriteCSVWithCustomSeparator append text at the end of the file instead of overwriting.
  • The IfFileExists.Overwrite option appends text at the end of the file and the IfFileExists.Append option overwrites the previous text.
  • .handle property returns HNWD but can't be utilized to manipulate a window.
  • File.WriteCSVWithCustomSeparator throws an error when the VariableToWrite argument is a list.
  • UIAutomation.Windows.Focus might throw error "Window not found".
  • Running CommandLine.Read action doesn't return CmdOutput output.
  • Running CommandLine.ReadAndSplit action doesn't return CmdOutput output.
  • CaptureFast.Connect action is not throwing an error.
  • UIAutomation.Click error is generated although the action is executed successfully.

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