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sunspot: |-
Usage: sunspot-solr <command> <options> -- <application options>
* where <command> is one of:
start start an instance of the application
stop stop all instances of the application
restart stop all instances and restart them afterwards
run start the application and stay on top
zap set the application to a stopped state
* and where <options> may contain several of the following:
-t, --ontop Stay on top (does not daemonize)
-f, --force Force operation
Common options:
-h, --help Show this message
--version Show version
Usage: sunspot-solr start [options]
-p, --port=PORT Port on which to run Solr (default 8983)
-d, --data-directory=DIRECTORY Solr data directory
-s, --solr-home=HOME Solr home directory (should contain conf/ directory)
--pid-dir=PID_DIR Directory for pid files
-l, --log-level=LOG_LEVEL Solr logging level
--log-file=LOG_FILE Path to Solr log file
--max-memory=MEMORY Specify the maximum size of the memory allocation pool
--min-memory=MEMORY Specify the initial size of the memory allocation pool
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