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cheat: |-
Hey, welcome to cheat (
Thanks for trying it out.
Here are a few commands to get you started.
$ gem install cheat
Recently added cheat sheets:
$ cheat recent
All cheat sheets:
$ cheat sheets
The `strftime' cheat sheet:
$ cheat strftime
View a cheat sheet in TextMate:
$ cheat strftime | mate
Less or more, for scrolly terminal:
$ cheat strftime | less
$ cheat strftime | more
Print a cheat sheet
$ cheat strftime | lpr
To edit a cheat sheet, use the --edit switch.
$ cheat markaby --edit
To add a cheat sheet, use the --add switch.
$ cheat readme --add
To use a different editor (such as TextMate) for --edit and --add, set the VISUAL (or EDITOR) environment variable:
$ export VISUAL='mate -w'
To see versions of a sheet, use the --versions switch.
$ cheat rspec --versions
To see a diff to the current version, use the --diff switch.
$ cheat rspec --diff 5
To see a diff between two versions, use the start:end format.
$ cheat rspec --diff 5:7
Sheets are cached locally in ~/.cheat. To clear your cache, pass --new to cheat. You won't get updates unless you do this.
$ cheat --new
$ cheat strftime --new
And to get all cached locally, you could do
$ cheat sheets | grep '^ ' | xargs -n 1 cheat
That's it!