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apache_regex: |
Apache regular expressions for mod_rewrite rules
. Any single character
[chars] Character class: One of chars
[^chars] Character class: None of chars
text1|text2 Alternative: text1 or text2
! Not
? 0 or 1 of the preceding text
* 0 or N of the preceding text (N > 0)
+ 1 or N of the preceding text (N > 1)
(text) Grouping of text
(either to set the borders of an alternative or
for making backreferences where the Nth group can
be used on the right of a RewriteRule with $N)
^ Start of line anchor
$ End of line anchor
\char escape that particular char
(for instance to specify the chars ".[]()" etc.)
[L] stop rewrite here
[N] re-run rules from start - watch for loops!
[C] chain with next rule - if no match, following
chained rules are ignored