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AsciiDoc Markup Syntax Summary
A summary of the most often used markup.
For a complete reference see the 'AsciiDoc User Guide'.
Text formatting
*bold text* (boldface font)
_emphasized text_ (normally italics)
'emphasized text'
+monospaced text+ (proportional font)
`monospaced text`
Document links
[[id]] (define link target)
<<id,caption>> (link to target id)
link:filename#id[caption] (link to external HTML file)
Use normal URL and email addess syntax or:
http:address[caption] (link to web page)
mailto:address[caption] (link to mail recipient)
image:filename[caption] (inline image)
image::filename[caption] (block image)
Document header
The Document Title
author <email> (optional)
revision, date (optional)
Section title underlines
Level 0 (document title): ======================
Level 1: ----------------------
Level 2: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Level 3: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Level 4 (bottom level): ++++++++++++++++++++++
Delimited blocks
Delimiters must begin at left margin.
listing block
literal block
sidebar block
[style, author, cite] (optional)
quote block
example block
comment block
More block elements
[attributes list] (Note 1)
.Block title (Note 1)
// Comment line (Note 1)
include::filename[] (Note 1)
Note 1: Begin at the left margin.
More inline elements
footnote:[footnote text] (document footnote)