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assert_routing: |-
# 'cheat assertions' for the rest
assert_routing(path, options, defaults={}, extras={}, message=nil)
Asserts that path and options match both ways; in other words, it verifies that path generates options and then that options generates path. This essentially combines assert_recognizes and assert_generates into one step.
The extras hash allows you to specify options that would normally be provided as a query string to the action. The message parameter allows you to specify a custom error message to display upon failure.
# Assert a basic route: a controller with the default action (index)
assert_routing('/home', :controller => 'home', :action => 'index')
# Test a route generated with a specific controller, action, and parameter (id)
assert_routing('/entries/show/23', :controller => 'entries', :action => 'show', id => 23)
# Assert a basic route (controller + default action), with an error message if it fails
assert_routing('/store', { :controller => 'store', :action => 'index' }, {}, {}, 'Route for store index not generated properly')
# Tests a route, providing a defaults hash
assert_routing 'controller/action/9', {:id => "9", :item => "square"}, {:controller => "controller", :action => "action"}, {}, {:item => "square"}