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assertions: "# Credit:\r\n\
# Use 'cheat assert_raise' for more details\r\n\
# Standard Ruby Assertions\r\n\
assert boolean \r\n\
assert_equal expected, actual \r\n\
assert_raise *args \r\n\
assert_raises *args, &block \r\n\
assert_instance_of klass, object \r\n\
assert_nil object \r\n\
assert_kind_of klass, object \r\n\
assert_respond_to object, method \r\n\
assert_match pattern, string \r\n\
assert_same expected, actual \r\n\
assert_operator object1, operator, object2 \r\n\
assert_nothing_raised *args \r\n\
assert_not_same expected, actual \r\n\
assert_not_equal expected, actual \r\n\
assert_not_nil object \r\n\
assert_no_match regexp, string \r\n\
assert_throws expected_symbol, &proc \r\n\
assert_nothing_thrown &proc \r\n\
assert_in_delta expected_float, actual_float, delta \r\n\
assert_send send_array\r\n\
# Rails Assertions\r\n\
assert_response type \r\n\
assert_redirected_to options = {} \r\n\
assert_template expected \r\n\
assert_recognizes expected_options, path, extras={} \r\n\
assert_generates expected_path, options, defaults={}, extras = {} \r\n\
assert_routing path, options, defaults={}, extras={} \r\n\
assert_tag *opts \r\n\
assert_no_tag *opts \r\n\
assert_dom_equal expected, actual \r\n\
assert_dom_not_equal expected, actual \r\n\
assert_valid record "
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