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//// AsUnit Assertions ////
// Asserts that a condition is true
assertTrue( message:String, condition:Boolean )
// Asserts that a condition is false
assertFalse( message:String, condition:Boolean )
// Asserts that two objects are equal
assertEquals( message:String, value1:*, value2:* )
// Asserts that two numerical values are equal within a tolerance range
assertEqualsFloat( message:String, value1:*, value2:*, tolerance:* )
// Asserts that an object is null
assertNull( message:String, object:* )
// Asserts that an object isn't null
assertNotNull( message:String, object:* )
// Asserts that two objects refer to the same object
assertSame( message:String, object1:*, object2:* )
// Asserts that two objects do not refer to the same object
assertNotSame( message:String, object1:*, object2:* )
// Fails a test with the given message
fail( message:String )
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