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Here are those commands that you need to use a little less frequently but are still indispensable for development using git. They are based on some of Scott Chacon's gitcasts.
Interactive Adding:
git add -i
(select "patch" to add individual chunks from files)
git diff
(between unstaged and index)
git diff --cached
(between index and repo)
git diff HEAD
(between last commit and all uncommitted changes)
git rev-parse master~3
(prints the sha for the great grandparent of master)
git diff master~3
(shows the difference between master~3 and HEAD)
git diff -- (path or file)
(just shows changes for the path or file)
git diff master~3 master~10
(differences between these 2 commits)
git diff --stat
(shows the changes in a more high level way)
git diff --name-status
(similar, less detail)
git diff --numstat
(show how many changes in each file)
git diff --name-only
(file name only)
git diff --unified(3)
(display 3 lines of context)
git diff ..master > master.patch
git apply master.patch
(create and apply a patch file)
git log -3
(show last 3 commits)
git log --stat (--shortstat)
(additional info- what happened, what file)
git log --pretty=oneline(--pretty=short)
(clean up output)
git log --since="2007-12-01" --until="2007-12-20"
(specify date range)
git show (sha)
(show the change for that commit)
git log --(file)
(show the commits for one file)
git revlist
(list out the shas for commits)
git blame
(show who made edited a file last)
Normal Workflow
git ls-files
(show all of the files tracked by git)
git count-objects
(counts the objects in the git repository)
It is also mentioned that git add creates the sha and puts the object in the repo, git commit adds a new tree object and a new commit object
Setup, Initialization and Cloning
Most of the stuff in here is detailed elsewhere, but one nice trick is:
git clone (repo) what_to_call_the_new_project
Browsing Git Objects
git show-refs
(shows references)
git cat-file -p (sha)
(shows a commit object)
git cat-file -t (sha)
(prints the type of object- commit, tree, blob)
git cat-file -s (sha)
(prints the size)
gitk --since="2007-12-12"
(shows commits since a certain point)
(can take other options such as a filename to just look at changes to a file)
git instaweb
(runs a git browser in a web interface)
Branching and Merging
git branch
(show branches)
git show-branch
(a little more detail on how the branches relate to each other)
git checkout
(switch branches)
git stash
(put your changes away)
git merge (branch)
(pull in the changes from (branch) to the current branch
git reset
(removes files from index)
git reset --hard
(removes files from index AND undoes local changes)
git rebase -i
(allows you to modify the commits that you'll be applying with the options below)
-pick (normal option)
-edit (edit the commit)
-squash (combine with commit above)
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