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bzr: |-
Bazaar -- a free distributed version-control tool
$ bzr whoami "Frank Chu <>"
Creating a new branch:
$ bzr init ProjectDirectory
$ cd ProjectDirectory
Creating a new branch for an existing project that's not in source control:
$ cd ExistingProject
$ bzr init
$ bzr add
$ bzr commit -m "Initial import of ExistingProject."
Status of working copy:
$ bzr status
Difference between the last commitment and the working copy:
$ bzr diff
Committing changes in working copy:
$ bzr commit [-m "Comment to the commitment"]
$ bzr uncommit
Looking though logs:
$ bzr log
Making a new copy of an existing branch:
$ bzr branch ProjectDirectory RadicalRefactor
$ cd RadicalRefactor; # Go nuts!
Making a local copy of an external branch:
$ bzr branch
$ cd
Exposing and updating a branch to the web
If the server does not have bzr installed:
$ bzr push s
Fast access, if server has bzr installed:
$ bzr push bzr+ssh://
Now people can grab your repository with:.
$ bzr branch
Creating a merge request for an upstream bzr branch:
Send the maintainer an email:
$ bzr send
Create a merge bundle file (containing a readable diff):
$ bzr send -o my_feature.patch
Get more help:
$ bzr help
$ bzr help topics
$ bzr help commands
$ bzr help merge #...etc