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conkeror: |-
= starting =
firefox -chrome chrome://conkeror/content
= meta =
C-h i: the introduction
C-h b: list of keybindings
C-x C-b: list all buffers
C-x r l: list all bookmarks
= navigating =
1: follow link 1 ("2" for link 2, etc.)
g: goto a url
B: go back
F: go forward
R: reload
C-g: stop loading
= buffers (like tabs) =
C-u g: open a url into a new buffer
C-u n 12: open link 12 into a buffer
A-p / A-n: prev / next buffer
C-x b: switch to a buffer <tab>
= bookmarks =
C-x r m: bookmark this page
C-x r b: load a bookmark <tab>
= movement =
A-v / C-v: page up / page down
C-p / C-n: line up / line down
A-b / A-f: prev / next letter
= commands =
A-x: execute a command
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