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cool_options: |-
options = CoolOptions.parse!("[options] PROJECTNAME") do |o|
o.desc 'Sets up a new Rails project.'
o.on "repository URL", "Remote subversion repository."
o.on "svk", "Use svk.", true
o.on "project-path PATH", "Root of project workspaces.", File.expand_path("~/svk")
o.on "l)repository-path PATH", "Remote repository path.", "/"
o.on "mirror-path SVKPATH", "SVK mirror path.", "//"
o.on "local-pa(t)h SVKPATH", "SVK local path.", "//local"
o.on "create-structure", "Create trunk/tags/branches structure.", true
o.on "finish", "Prep and commit the new project.", true
o.after do |r|
r.project_path = File.expand_path(r.project_path)
o.error("Invalid path.") unless File.exist?(r.project_path)
r.project_name = ARGV.shift
o.error("Project name is required.") unless r.project_name
o.error("Project name is too funky.") unless /^\w+$/ =~ r.project_name
$ ./new_rails_project --no-svk -r myproject
p options.svk # => false
p options.project_path # => '/Users/ntalbott/svk'
p options.repository # => ''
p options.create_structure # => true
p options.project_name # => 'myproject'
$ ./new_rails_project --help
Usage: t.rb [options] PROJECTNAME
-s, --[no-]svk Use svk.
Default is: true
-p, --project-path PATH Root of project workspaces.
Default is: /Users/ntalbott/svk
-r, --repository URL Remote subversion repository.
-l, --repository-path PATH Remote repository path.
Default is: /
-m, --mirror-path SVKPATH SVK mirror path.
Default is: //
-t, --local-path SVKPATH SVK local path.
Default is: //local
-c, --[no-]create-structure Create trunk/tags/branches structure.
Default is: true
-f, --[no-]finish Prep and commit the new project.
Default is: true
-h, --help This help info.