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darcs: |-
Creating a new repository:
$ mkdir ProjectDirectory
$ cd ProjectDirectory
$ darcs init
Creating a new repository for an existing project:
$ cd ExistingProject
$ darcs init
$ darcs add -r *
$ darcs record -m "Initial import of ExistingProject."
$ darcs whatsnew -l
Committing changes:
$ darcs record
Creating a patch for a darcs repository:
$ darcs send; # Sends the maintainer an email
$ darcs send -o patch.diff; # Creates a patch file
Creating a patch for a non-darcs repository:
$ darcs changes --last 2; # Make sure you're picking up the right patches.
$ darcs diff -u --last 2 > patch.diff;
$ darcs unrecord
Making a new copy of a repository (you can treat it like a branch):
$ darcs get ProjectDirectory RadicalRefactor
$ cd RadicalRefactor; # Go nuts!
Checking out from an external repository:
$ darcs get
Creating a tarball:
$ darcs dist
Exposing repository to the web (just copy up to your webspace; no server needed):
$ tar cfz ProjectDirectory.tgz ProjectDirectory
$ scp ProjectDirectory.tgz
Now people can grab your repository with:
$ darcs get
Updating your repository on the web:
$ cd dynamorph-local
$ darcs push; # uses scp to copy (requires darcs on the other machine)