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Keyboard shortcuts for E Text Editor (
Was added some time ago under the Cheat Sheet Title "e" but was deleted somehow.
File Operations
Ctrl+N : New file
Double-Click tab bar : New file
Ctrl+O : Open file
Ctrl+S : Save file
Ctrl+Shift+S : Save as
Ctrl+W : Close file
Ctrl+Shift+T : Go To File dialog
Ctrl+K : Delete to end of line; if the caret already is at
end-of-line it deletes the newline.
Ctrl+Shift+K : Delete the entire line
Ctrl+Backspace : Delete to start of word (same as Ctrl+H)
Ctrl+Delete : Delete to end of word
Ctrl+(Shift)+U : Change case on word/selection
Alt+G : Inverse case on word/selection
Alt+Shift+D : Duplicate line/selection
Ctrl+Alt+U : Title case
Ctrl+T : Transpose, for swapping words or chars.
Ctrl+Alt+R : Run current line/selection
Ctrl+C : Copy (or: Ctrl+Insert)
Ctrl+V : Paste (or: Shift+Insert)
Ctrl+X : Cut
Ctrl+Z : Undo
Ctrl+Y : Redo. If there are multiple branches to choose from,
undo history will be displayed.
Esc : Word completion.
Ctrl+A : Select all
Ctrl+Shift+arrow : Select entire word
Alt+Left-mouse : column selection
Ctrl+Left-mouse : Multi selection
Shift+Home : Selects to the first non-whitespace char on the line,
second time the white spaces will be selected as well
Shift+Ctrl+Home : Selects to the beginning of the document
Shift+Ctrl+End : Selects to the end of the document
Shift+Ctrl+L : Selects current line
Shift+Ctrl+W : Selects current word
Shift+Ctrl+Space : Selects current scope. If you keep hitting it,
it will cycle through the available scopes.
F1 : Toggle current fold
Alt+F1 : Open current fold and closes all others
Ctrl+F1 : Fold all
Ctrl+Alt+F1 : Unfold all
Shift+F1 : Select current fold
Left-mouse : Fold end or fold indicator: Select fold, twice to fold
Mouseover : Fold end: Show fold preview
Fold indicator: Highlight fold (useful for nested folds)
Ctrl+Tab : Go to last active tab (or next tab if used repeatedly)
Ctrl+Shift+Tab : Go to previous tab
Alt+Ctrl+R/L-arrow : Next/previous tab
Alt+Ctrl+Up-arrow : Go to header/source
Ctrl+L : Go to Symbol
Ctrl+G : Go to line
Ctrl+F : Find
Ctrl+G : Find next
Ctrl+R : Replace
Home : Move cursor to the beginning of the line
End : Move cursor to the end of the line
Ctrl+Home : Move cursor to the beginning of the document
Ctrl+End : Move cursor to the end of the document
Ctrl+Up/Down-arrow : Scroll up/down, without moving the caret
Ctrl+1-9 : Go to tab
Ctrl+Alt+0 : Go to last tab
Ctrl+0 : List open tabs
Ctrl+P : Show/hide Project Pane
F5 : Show/hide Symbol List
F6 : Show/hide Revision History
F7 : Show/hide Undo History
F1 : Toggle Fold
Ctrl+F1 : Fold All
Alt+F1 : Fold Others
Alt+Ctrl+F1 : Unfold All
Ctrl+Alt+P : Show/hide Web Preview
Ctrl+M : Make milestone
Ctrl+Shift+B : Show bundle editor
Ctrl+Alt+T : Select bundle
Esc : Kill current running bundle command
Ctrl+P : Show/hide project pane
Ctrl+Shift+P : Switch focus between editor and project pane
(opening it if needed).
Arrow keys : Up/down and expand/close folder
Enter : Open file in editor
F2 : Rename
F5 : Refresh project view
Shift-F10 : Show context menu
Mouse Shortcuts
Double-click : Select word
Triple-click : Select line
Alt-doubleclick : Select scope
Command Line Options
--clearstate : Don't reload files from last session.
--clearlayout : Resets window layout and positions.
--clearundo : Clear undo history for all un-milestoned files.