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eg: |-
Creating repositories
eg clone Clone a repository into a new directory
eg init Create a new repository
Obtaining information about changes, history, & state
eg diff Show changes to file contents
eg log Show history of recorded changes
eg status Summarize current changes
Making, undoing, or recording changes
eg commit Record changes locally
eg mv Move or rename files (or directories or symlinks)
eg stage Mark content in files as being ready for commit
Managing branches
eg branch List, create, or delete branches
eg merge Join two or more development histories (branches) together
eg switch Switch the working copy to another branch
eg pull Get updates from another repository and merge them
eg push Push local commits to a published repository
Time saving commands
eg bisect Find the change that introduced a bug by binary search
eg stash Save and revert local changes, or apply stashed changes
Additional help:
eg help COMMAND Get more help on COMMAND.
eg help --all List more commands (not really all)
eg help topic List specialized help topics.