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emacs: |-
Emacs for Ruby & Rails
From ruby-mode.el
M-C-a Beginning of defun
M-C-e End of defun
M-C-b or M-C-p Beginning of block
M-C-f or M-C-n End of block
M-C-h Mark defun
\t Indent
C-c C-e Insert end
C-j Reindent then newline and indent
C-m Newline
From inf-ruby.el
C-c C-e or M-C-x "send the current definition to the process buffer"
C-c M-e "switch to ruby process buffer after sending their text"
C-c C-r "send the current region to the process buffer"
C-c M-r "switch to ruby process buffer after sending their text"
C-c C-z "switches the current buffer to the ruby process buffer"
C-c C-l "Load a Ruby file into the inferior Ruby process."
C-c C-s or M-x run-ruby "Run an inferior Ruby process..."
Unicode in Emacs:
(prefer-coding-system 'utf-8)
Emacs opens in yaml-mode and outdent-mode when first line is:
# -*- mode: yaml; mode: outdent; -*-
For more:
C-u M-x align
C-x z repeat
C-r (enter recursive edit)
C-M-c (exit recursive edit)
C-] (abort: exit all nested recursive-edit sessions)
M-! Execute shell command
M-1 M-! Execute shell command and paste into current buffer