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emacs_slime: |-
Slime (Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs)
C-c C-k slime-compile-and-load-file. Compile and load the current buffer.
C-c M-k slime-compile-file. Compile (but don't load) the current buffer.
C-c C-c slime-compile-defun. Compile the top-level form at or around point.
M-n slime-next-note. Move to the next compiler note.
M-p slime-previous-note. Move to the previous compiler note.
C-c M-c slime-remove-notes. Remove all annotations from the buffer.
C-Return slime-repl-closing-return. Close all open parentheses and evaluate the current line.
M-. slime-edit-definition. Go to the definition of the symbol at point.
M-, slime-pop-find-definition-stack. Go back from the definition found with slime-edit-definition.
C-M-x slime-eval-defun. Evaluate the top-level form.
C-x C-e slime-eval-last-expression. Evaluate the last expression before point.
C-c C-p slime-pprint-eval-last-expression. Evaluate the expression before point and pretty-print the result.
C-c C-r slime-eval-region. Evaluate the region.
C-c : slime-interactive-eval. Evaluate an expression read from the minibuffer.
slime-scratch. Create a buffer like Emacs' *scratch*, eval expressions with C-j.
C-c M-i slime-fuzzy-complete-symbol. Presents a list of likely completions to choose from for an abbreviation at point.
C-c C-s slime-insert-arglist. Look up and insert the arg list for the function at point.
C-c C-m slime-macroexpand-1. Macroexpand the expression at point once. Use a prefix to call macroexpand instead of macroexpand-1.
C-c C-t slime-toggle-trace-fdefinition. Toggle tracing of the function at point.
C-c M-d slime-disassemble-symbol. Dissassemble the function definition of the symbol at point.
C-c < slime-who-calls. Reveal callers of the function at or around point.
C-c > slime-who-references. Reveal references to the global variable at or around point.
C-c C-d is the prefix for the following help commands:
d slime-describe-symbol. Describe the symbol at point.
a slime-apropos.
z slime-apropos-all. Includes internal symbols.
p slime-apropos-package.
h slime-hyperspec-lookup. Customize with common-lisp-hyperspec-root browse-url-browser-function.
~ common-lisp-hyperspec-format