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enumerable: |-
Ruby Enumerable Mixin (* require 'enumerator')
all? {|obj| } Returns true if EVERY obj returns true from block
any? {|obj| } Returns true if ANY obj returns true from block
collect {|obj| } Alias for map
detect(ifnone=nil) {|obj| } Alias for find
* each_cons(n) {} Iterates over arrays of n consecutive elements (overlap)
* each_slice(n) {} Iterates over slices of n elements (no overlap)
each_with_index {|obj, index| ... }
entries Returns an Array of all objects, alias for to_a
* enum_cons(n), :each_cons, n)
* enum_slice(n), :each_slice, n)
* enum_with_index, :each_with_index)
find(ifnone=nil) {|obj| } Returns first obj for which block is true
find_all {|obj|} Returns an Array of all objects for which block is true
grep(pattern) {} Returns an Array of / iterates over objects that === pattern
include?(obj) True if any member == obj
inject(initial) {|mem, obj| } Runs block on each obj, with last result in mem
inject {|mem, obj| } Like above but first element used for initial
map {|obj| } Returns new array with results of running block on each
max Returns largest element; elements must be Comparable
max {|a,b| } Returns largest element; block should return a <=> b
member? Alias for include?
min Like max but returns smallest
partition {|obj|} Returns [[objects block was true], [objects it was false]]
reject {|obj| } Returns array of elements for which block was false
select Alias for find_all
sort Returns array of elements sorted; elements must be Comparable
sort {|a,b| } Returns elements sorted, block should return a <=> b
sort_by {|obj| } Returns elements sorted according to keys produced by block
to_a Returns an Array of all objects, alias for entries
to_set Creates a Set from elements, must require "set"
zip(args, ...) Merges elements with corresponding elements from each arg