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erb: "INTRODUCTION\n\n ERB provides an easy to use but powerful templating system for Ruby.\n Rails/RoR, the web application framework, uses ERB to create views.\n\n\
EDITORIAL NOTE:\n\n Shamelessly compiled and copied from:\n \n\n\n\
RECOGNIZED TAGS\n\n ERB recognizes certain tags in the provided template and converts \n them based on the rules below:\n\n <% Ruby code -- inline with output %>\n \n <%= Ruby expression -- replace with result %>\n \n <%# comment -- ignored -- useful in testing %>\n \n % a line of Ruby code -- treated as <% line %> (optional -- see\n \n %% replaced with % if first thing on a line and % processing is used\n \n <%% or %%> -- replace with <% or %> respectively\n\n All other text is passed through ERB filtering unchanged. \n\n\
ALTERNATIVES\n\n There are a variety of templating solutions available in various Ruby projects:\n\n * ERB\xE2\x80\x98s big brother, eRuby, works the same but is written in C for speed;\n * Erubis is a fast, secure, and very extensible implementation of eRuby\n * Amrita (smart at producing HTML/XML);\n * cs/Template (written in C for speed);\n * RDoc uses its own template engine, which can be reused elsewhere;\n * and others; search the RAA."