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find: |-
To search current directory and sub directories for a specific file:
$ find . -name "rc.conf" -print
Same, but case insensitive:
$ find . -iname "rc.conf" -print
Search for both mpg & avi:
$ find . -iname '*.mpg' -o -iname '*.avi'
Same, but files only:
$ find . -type f -name "rc.conf" -print
To search the entire filesystem for a specific file:
$ find / -name "rc.conf" -print
To search for content inside files:
$ find . -name "*.css" -exec grep -l "#content" {} \;
To replace content inside files:
$find . -name "*.css" -exec sed -i -r 's/#(FF0000|F00)\b/#0F0/' {} \;
(replaces #FF0000 red w/ #00FF00 green )
To find files changed in the last 1 day
$ find . -ctime -1 -type f
To find files larger than 1 Mb in /tmp
$ find /tmp -size 1M -type f
To find files newer than main.css in ~/src
$ find ~/src -newer main.css
To execute a command on every file/dir
$ find [expression..] -exec [command..] '{}' \;
Example: find all files/dirs named CVS and delete them:
$ find -name CVS -exec rm -Rf '{}' \;
Example: find all files containing a string:
$ find * -exec grep -l '<string>' {} \;
To search only on the given directory:
$ find [directory..] -maxdepth 1
Example: find all directories modified in the past day and permission 755:
$ find . -type d -mtime 1 -perm 755
Example: find and fix all files that have permission o+w:
$ find -type f -perm /002 -exec chmod o-w '{}' \;
More examples -