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Command-A Select All Items
Command-C Copy Selected Items
Command-D Duplicate Selected Items
Command-F Search with Spotlight
Command-G Find Next Matched Search
Command-H Hide Window
Command-I Open Get Info (Property) Pane
Command-J Show View Options
Command-K Connect to Server
Command-L Make Alias of Selected Items
Command-M Minimize Window
Command-N Open New Window
Command-O Open Selected Items
Command-T Copy Items to Sidebar
Command-V Paste Items
Command-W Close Finder Window
Command-Z Undo Action
Command-1 View as Icons
Command-2 View as Lists
Command-3 View as Columns
Command-4 View as Coverflow
Command-Shift-A Go to Application Folder
Command-Shift-B Open Bluetooth
Command-Shift-C Go to My Computer
Command-Shift-G Open Address Bar
Command-Shift-H Go to Home Folder
Command-Shift-I Connect to iDisk
Command-Shift-J Open Journler (If Any)
Command-Shift-K Go to Network Folder
Command-Shift-L Go to Safari
Command-Shift-N Create New Folder
Command-Shift-Q Log Out
Command-Shift-U Go to Utility Folder
Command-Shift-Y Attach to Stickies
Command-Option-D Hide the Dock
Command-Option-M Minimize All Windows
Command-Option-O Open File and Close Finder
Command-Option-T Hide Toolbar
Command-Option-W Close All Windows
Command-R Show Original (From Alias)
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