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Command Description
help List gdb command topics.
help topic-classes List gdb command within class.
help command Command description.
apropos search-word Search for commands and command topics containing search-word.
info args
i args List program command line arguments
info breakpoints List breakpoints
info break List breakpoint numbers.
info break breakpoint-number List info about specific breakpoint.
info watchpoints List breakpoints
info registers List registers in use
info threads List threads in use
info set List set-able option
Break and Watch
break funtion-name
break line-number Suspend program at specified function of line number.
break ClassName::functionName
break +offset
break -offset Set a breakpoint specified number of lines forward or back from the position at which execution stopped.
break filename:function Don't specify path, just the file name and function name.
break filename:line-number Don't specify path, just the file name and line number.
break Directory/Path/filename.cpp:62
break *address Suspend processing at an instruction address. Used when you do not have source.
break line-number if condition Where condition is an expression. i.e. x > 5
Suspend when boolean expression is true.
break line thread thread-number Break in thread at specified line number. Use info threads to display thread numbers.
tbreak Temporary break. Break once only. Break is then removed. See "break" above for options.
watch condition Suspend processing when condition is met. i.e. x > 5
clear function
clear line-number Delete breakpoints as identified by command option.
d Delete all breakpoints, watchpoints, or catchpoints.
delete breakpoint-number
delete range Delete the breakpoints, watchpoints, or catchpoints of the breakpoint ranges specified as arguments.
disable breakpoint-number-or-range
enable breakpoint-number-or-range Does not delete breakpoints. Just enables/disables them.
Show breakpoints: info break
Disable: disable 2-9
enable breakpoint-number once Enables once
c Continue executing until next break point/watchpoint.
continue number Continue but ignore current breakpoint number times. Usefull for breakpoints within a loop.
finish Continue to end of function.
Line Execution
step number-of-steps-to-perform Step to next line of code. Will step into a function.
next number Execute next line of code. Will not enter functions.
until line-number Continue processing until you reacha aspecified line number. Also: function name, address, filename:function or filename:line-number.
ni step/next assembly/processor instruction.
info signals
info handle
handle SIGNAL-NAME option Perform the following option when signal recieved: nostop, stop, print, noprint, pass/noignore or nopass/ignore
where Shows current line number and which function you are in.
bt inner-function-nesting-depth
bt -outer-function-nesting-depth Show trace of where you are currently. Which functions you are in. Prints stack backtrace.
backtrace full Print values of local variables.
frame number
f number Select frame number.
up number
down number Move up/down the specified number of frames in the stack.
info frame List address, language, address of arguments/local variables and which registers were saved in frame.
info args
info locals
info catch Info arguments of selected frame, local variables and exception handlers.
Source Code
list line-number
list function
list -
list start#,end#
list filename:function List source code.
set listsize count
show listsize Number of lines listed when list command given.
directory directory-name
dir directory-name
show directories Add specified directory to front of source code path.
directory Clear sourcepath when nothing specified.
Examine Variables
print variable-name
p variable-name
p file-name::variable-name
p 'file-name'::variable-name Print value stored in variable.
p *array-variable@length Print first # values of array specified by length. Good for pointers to dynamicaly allocated memory.
p/x variable Print as integer variable in hex.
p/d variable Print variable as a signed integer.
p/u variable Print variable as a un-signed integer.
p/o variable Print variable as a octal.
p/t variable
x/b address
x/b &variable Print as integer value in binary. (1 byte/8bits)
p/c variable Print integer as character.
p/f variable Print variable as floating point number.
p/a variable Print as a hex address.
x/w address
x/4b &variable Print binary representation of 4 bytes (1 32 bit word) of memory pointed to by address.
GDB Modes
set gdb-option value Set a GDB option
set logging on
set logging off
show logging
set logging file log-file Turn on/off logging. Default name of file is gdb.txt
set print array on
set print array off
show print array Default is off. Convient readable format for arrays turned on/off.
set print array-indexes on
set print array-indexes off
show print array-indexes Default off. Print index of array elements.
set print pretty on
set print pretty off
show print pretty Format printing of C structures.
set print union on
set print union off
show print union Default is on. Print C unions.
set print demangle on
set print demangle off
show print demangle Default on. Controls printing of C++ names.
Start and Stop
run command-line-arguments
run < infile > outfile Start program execution from the beginning of the program. The command break main will get you started. Also allows basic I/O redirection.
c Continue execution to next break point.
kill Stop program execution.
q Exit GDB debugger.