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Getting Things Done (GTD)
For more info see
Weekly Review
1. Gather all loose papers and process. For each decide to
* Make it an action. Do it if it takes less than two minutes.
* Trash it;
* Add it to my Someday/Maybe list; or
* File it for future reference.
2. Process any note-taking capture areas (notepads, computer-based notebooks)
3. Review previous week's calendar data
4. Review upcoming calendar
5. Review your action lists
6. Review your @WaitingFor list
7. Review project lists. Look for new next actions to generate.
8. Review Someday/Maybe lists
Project verbs
Finalize Resolve Handle
Look into Submit Maximize
Organize Design Complete
Ensure Roll out Update
Install Implement Set-up
Next-action verbs
Call Organize Review
Buy Fill out Find
Purge Look into Gather
Print Take Waiting for
Load Draft Email
Decide what to do based on:
- Context (phone, email, errand, etc)
- Time Available
- Energy Available
- Priority
The 3-Fold method of doing work
1. Predefined (next actions)
2. Ad hoc (Doing work as it comes in)
3. Defining Work (determining Next actions, etc)
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