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iconv: "# Iconv for Ruby\n\
# -> Character Encoding Conversion Library\n\n\
require 'iconv'\n\n\
Iconv class methods generally take two or more parameters\n with the first two being strings containing:\n -> a target encoding name\n -> a source encoding name\n\n\
A few character set name strings:\n - 'ascii' - 'utf-16'\n - 'utf-8' - 'latin1'\n ( blah de blah blah blah ...)\n --> try `iconv -l' on a command line for a full list\n\n\
quick, one-time conversion of several strings:\n Iconv.iconv(to, from, *strings) # => [converted, strings, ...] or\n Iconv.conv(to, from, *strings) # same as Iconv.iconv(to, from, *strings).join\n # => \"converted strings joined togeter\"\n\n\
creating a reusable, conversion object that is\n\
automatically closed (in the style of\n, from) do |c| # c is a Iconv conversion object\n ... # the block value is returned \n end # c is closed after the block exits\n\n\
Example: \n'utf-16', 'ascii') do |c|\n c.iconv(\"\\377\\376n\\000o\\000n\\000s\\000e\\000n\\000s\\000e\\000\")\n # => \"nonsense\"\n end\n\n\
create a plain old object you close explicitly somewhere later on:\n converter =, from)\n \n\
Example:\n c ='utf-8', 'latin1')\n c.iconv(\"\\253 frenchy \\273\") # => \"\xC2\xAB frenchy \xC2\xBB\"\n ...\n c.close"