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jedit_ruby_editor_plugin: |-
Turns jEdit into a neat Ruby editor.
jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin features include:
- method completion for system types and Rails classes
- integrated Ruby docs explorer
- syntax error highlighting
- auto indent and insert end
- file structure popup
- navigation shortcuts
- progressive selection
1. If you don't have Java 5.0, install JDK 5.0 Update 9 or higher:
Hey RadRails is implemented in Java too, get over it! ;-)
2. If you don't have jEdit, install the latest version:
3. Start jEdit
4. Hopefully this is now an easy Plugin Manager install:
- open menu Plugins -> Plugin Manager
- go to the Install tab
- check "RubyPlugin" in the list
- click the Install button
Congratulations, you should now have the Ruby Editor Plugin installed!
1. Configure method completion settings as desired (via SideKick plugin):
- open menu Plugins -> Plugin Options
- go to Plugins -> SideKick
- check "Show completion popups where possible"
- change other SideKick settings as desired
2. Configure keyboard bindings:
- open menu Utilities -> Global Options
- go to Shortcuts -> Plugin: RubyPlugin
- click on each primary shortcut cell to assign a shortcut key
Here are my suggested key bindings:
File structure popup C + F12
Complete code C + SPACE
Progressive selection C + p
Introduce variable CA + v
Copy selection/line C + c
Cut selection/line C + x
Paste selection/line C + v
Go to previous edit CS + BACKSPACE
Go to previous method A + UP
Go to next method A + DOWN
Go to previous S + F2
Go to previous error F2
Ruby Docs (Toggle) C + r C + v
Autoindent, insert end ENTER
jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin -