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Exercise more. eat less.
Here are some tips to eat less:
--Drink plenty of water, preferably at least 1.5 gallons (about 5.5 liters) per day, more if you are a total caffeine monster or the weather is hot. Wait at least 15 minutes after drinking water before eating.
--Keep a log of every piece of food that passes your lips. You'd be surprised how much snacking adds up.
--Eat your damn vegetables (see also: "Things My Parents Told Me That Eventually Turned Out To Be True, Volume 34"). Put them on your plate before adding the other stuff: this is a visual cue to some primitive parts of your brain that you are getting enough food, and you will feel fuller when you eat them.
To exercise more:
--Try a bunch of different kinds of exercise until you find one that you actually enjoy. You'll be more likely to keep it up if it doesn't feel like a chore.
--Walk or bike to work, at least partway. If you take the subway or bus, get off a few stops earlier than usual and walk from there. If you drive, park further away.
--Ditto for running errands outside of the house.
--Do it early in the morning so that it's taken care of for the day. This has the added benefit that you'll feel more awake. Be sure to stretch thoroughly, as your muscles are stiffest when you first get up.