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magit: |-
M-x magit-status
Status Buffer
l show history buffer starting from head
L show history buffer starting from a specified point
b check out a different branch
B create and check out a new branch
d compare working tree with specified branch
m manual merge
M automatic merge
R rebase / continue to rebase
F pull
P push
p show a buffer with push/pull command transcript
g refresh
s add a file to the staging area
i ignore a file
S move all hunks of all diffs into the staging area
U unstage all hunks
In a hunk
s stage hunk
u unstage hunk
c pop up a buffer to write the change description
C-c C-c to commit the staged changes
History Buffer
RET show more info about the commit
l use commit as starting point of the history buffer
v revert selected commit in working tree and staging area
P apply current commit in the normal way
C switch your current working tree to the commit
. mark current commit
= diff marked commit and current commit
x soft reset to current commit
X hard reset to current commit
TAB magit-toggle-section
RET magit-visit-item
C-w magit-copy-item-as-kill
SPC magit-show-item-or-scroll-up
$ magit-display-process
. magit-mark-item
1 magit-jump-to-untracked
2 magit-jump-to-unstaged
3 magit-jump-to-staged
4 magit-jump-to-unpushed
= magit-diff-with-mark
? magit-describe-item
A magit-cherry-pick-item
B magit-create-branch
C magit-add-log
D magit-diff
E magit-interactive-rebase
F magit-pull
G magit-refresh-all
H magit-reflog
I magit-ignore-item-locally
L magit-log
M magit-automatic-merge
N Prefix Command
P magit-push
R magit-rebase-step
S magit-stage-all
T magit-annotated-tag
U magit-unstage-all
V magit-show-branches
X magit-reset-working-tree
a magit-apply-item
b magit-checkout
c magit-log-edit
d magit-diff-working-tree
f magit-remote-update
g magit-refresh
h magit-reflog-head
i magit-ignore-item
k magit-discard-item
l magit-log-head
m magit-manual-merge
n magit-goto-next-section
p magit-goto-previous-section
q quit-window
r Prefix Command
s magit-stage-item
t magit-tag
u magit-unstage-item
v magit-revert-item
w magit-wazzup
x magit-reset-head
z magit-stash
DEL magit-show-item-or-scroll-down
<backtab> magit-expand-collapse-section
<remap> Prefix Command
N c magit-svn-dcommit
N r magit-svn-rebase
r * magit-rewrite-set-unused
r . magit-rewrite-set-used
r a magit-rewrite-abort
r f magit-rewrite-finish
r s magit-rewrite-start
r t magit-rewrite-stop